Monday, August 11, 2008

Walgreens Brand Diaper Deal!

For those of us who aren't picky which brand of diapers our babies tinkle in, Walgreens brand diapers are on sale this week!

Buy 1 @ $7.99, get one 50% off! = 2 / $11.98.

Must buy JUMBO packs.

(Allison described a similar deal a few weeks ago; for this deal you're going to use the same coupons that she described. Read HERE for details)

Diapers: 2 / $11.98

Use: $5.00 off 2 packs of JUMBO diapers in the August EZ Saver catalog
Use: $2.00 off coupon for each pack ($4.00) in the pharmacy coupon booklet (read Allisons blog!)

= $2.98 for 2 packs of diapers.

That's a smokin' deal @ $1.49 EACH.


Utter Chaos said...

Just have a I just go ask the pharmacist for the prescription book and they'll give it to me? Then I can use that one and the Easy Saver one at the same time? Thanks for your help.

The Reese Family said...

Check out Allison's blog for more details. All you have to do is "ask" about their pharmacy program and they'll give it to you. You might have to remind them, but they've got them! It's a tri-fold flyer type, not a book per say. All of the coupons in it are good until the end of the year, so hang on to that diaper coupon! :) And yes, depending on which W you go to, they'll let you use both coupons. The W on Power & QC road wouldn't let me, but both on Hunt Highway did! Worth a shot! :) Hope this helps!

Allison said...

The Pharmacy coupon will not scan so it will be up to your individual store as to whether to manually put it in or not. The wording on the coupon says "not to be used with any other offer" so your store may not allow it. Please don't argue or fight about it. If one store doesn't let you do it just say "thank you" and try a different store. It is not worth ruining our reputations as couponers over a few diapers. Good luck!

Utter Chaos said...

Even with just the coupon from the Easy Saver it is a really good deal on diapers!! Anyone know if they are good quality?

Allison said...

I like them just fine although they are not as absorbant as Huggies or Pampers. My DD wears these during the day and Pampers at night. Even if you have to change their diaper more often, with diapers this cheap you are still doing good!

I like the premium (red package) diapers better than the regular (white package) diapers--but there aren't as many in a package for the same $$.

The Johnsons said...

I am just trying to learn this coupon thing and i found your blog, i like the diaper deal, where can i get the EZ saver catalog? thanks for your help

Utter Chaos said...

You can just pick them up at the front of the store by the ads for the week. They are a small booklet and have coupons and rebates.

The Reese Family said...

I really like the diapers! My daughter sleeps a full 12 hours in one and doesn't leak! And they're super soft, not cardboard feeling like most cheap diapers. I haven't tried the premium ones, but when I can get a fantastic deal on them, I definitely will!

candace said...

awesome deal on diapers.. thanks for the post :)