Monday, August 11, 2008


This deal at Walgreens is still going on, so check it out! , they're having a Kellogg brand sale; if you buy 4 for $10.00, you get a $5.00 RR (register reward, coupon that prints out near the register after you buy your stuff, also referred to as a Catalina).

Last Sunday's newspaper (8/3) came the Kellogg TASTE insert - which had coupons for Kellogg's stuff in it. I also got another Red Plum insert Wednesday with my ads for this week, which also had another TASTE insert in it! HORRAY!

Here's a deal idea...

Buy 4 boxes of whatever Kellogg cereal you want @ 4 for $10.00 (cheaper than Walmart!)
- - -Get a $5.00 RR for your next purchase!
**If you use coupons with your first purchase, you won't get the RR!

Buy 4 boxes of whatever you have Kellogg coupons for :)
= 4 for $10.00
USE: 2 Kellogg coupons ($1.00 off 2 boxes) = $2.00 off
USE: $5.00 RR that you just got from your previous transaction
= $3.00 for 4 boxes ($0.75 cents each)


If you buy 12 boxes of cereal for $30.00, you'll get $15.00 in RR back, (**If you use coupons with your purchase, you won't get the RR's!) and THEN you can mail for the $10.00 MIR (mail in rebate) that is also in the TASTE insert (must buy 10 participating boxes of cereal in one transaction to do the MIR).

That way you'll get 12 boxes of cereal for $5.00! That's $0.41 cents each! If you're in need of yummy cereal, that's a pretty good deal!



Jeff - Tressa said...

I used coupons and still got my RR's but when I tried to rollover those same RR's to buy more, I didn't get more. What a great deal!

Allison said...

Technically, you should still get the catalina even if you use coupons--they are a form of payment and do not affect the catalina. However, store managers have been told to use that excuse if the catalina does not print. If they give you that excuse, you can nicely ask them to try ringing it up without the coupons and see if the catalina prints. Most likely, it is a problem with the machine, not the coupons. The other option is using coupons and if the catalina doesn't print, take your receipt and call the catalina company at 1-888-8COUPON. They will verify that you bought the correct items for the promo and send you the coupon in the mail. Slower than getting it at the store, but at least you get it.

The previous poster was correct, if you try to roll the catalina into another purchase for the same promo, a second catalina will NOT print out.

Allison said...

Here's a good resource to hang on to and show your cashier if they give you grief:

On page 16 of this week's ad there is a register reward promo for Band-Aids. Right next to the picture of the band-aids it says, "SAVE MORE! Look for coupons in most Sunday papers!". They are advertising that you can use coupons on a register reward promo!

Allison said...

(sorry for 3 comments in a row!)

Have you tried the 12 boxes of cereal thing? I didn't know you could get more than 1 RR for that promo. That's a great deal if you can!!

Also, how did you know the cereal deal was still good? I don't see it in this week's ad and I don't have last week's ad anymore to check the dates. I would just like to have something to show them if my RR doesn't print. Thanks so much!