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You can always email me if you have any questions or find a good deal that you want to share with us. (I really, really like sharing. Sharing is my favorite.)

Contact me at: BargainMoms (at)

And on that note, you are always more than welcome to forward, copy or share any and all information posted on our website. That is what it is there for! All we ask is for a link-up on your post as to where you got the info! (aka our site)

If you share a deal with us, we'll link it back to you as well!

*I do try to respond to every email within 24 hours, but I do have kids etc so please be patient with me if you don't hear back right away!*


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About BargainMoms

Hey there! Welcome to BargainMoms!


I'm Deanna**, and I am the 'Main Mom' behind BargainMoms. I am a married stay at home mom to 3 absolutely wonderful, funny, charming and completely well-behaved kids. (ok, usually....alright....sometimes.) I am an Arizona native and have been married to my husband (we'll call him DC) for 7 years, even though we grew up together and I always knew I was going to get him to marry me! I come from a big family with 5 siblings, and my husband also has 5 siblings. Big families usually means learning how to bargain shop and make every cent count and that is what BargainMoms is all about! My objective is to make bargain shopping positive and fun! (Oh, and easy. We like easy)

First I should say that if you are new to the blog, then WELCOME! If you are an avid, loyal and completely awesome follower, then THANKS! If you were here right now, I would totally give you a high five.

I got the idea for BargainMoms when I began coupon shopping a few years ago. I had just quit my job of 8 years to stay home with my kids (at that time I had 2) and I was trying to do everything I could to make the transition easier on us as a family. I would find amazing grocery deals and want to share them with my family and friends so that they, too could share in the bargains. So I would email them my deals.

Then, of course, being the BargainMom, (I would love to shorten that to "BM", but it just doesn't sound appropriate) I would find another great deal and have to send out another email. Needless to say, I sent out A LOT of emails. Then it happened. The word got out. Women from my church were also interested in finding great grocery deals and we began doing weekly excursions to the grocery store where I would take a group of them and show them how to work their magic. (No, seriously. If you can picture it, we would load into my SIL's 15 passenger van and have a good 'ol time) Now, by this point I was sick of emailing everyone every time I found a deal, so the blog was started and here we are.

I decided that I just couldn't do it myself, so I invited some friends and family to help be contributors and post deals as well when they find them so that I didn't drive myself crazy. I am still pretty much the "sole" poster to the BLOG (and trust me, you can pretty much tell when it is something I posted) but I appreciate my friends and family that contribute and support me in my little 'hobby'.

I also appreciate you, the reader for your input, comments, questions and for sharing the deals that you find! There are some great bargain blogs out there, and I am so excited to be a part of the "bargain frenzy" that is happening these days!

**It would be really awesome if I had a wicked cool photo of me in a WonderWoman costume holding a coupon binder as a shield but I don't. I also hate photos of myself, so this self-indulgent photo is what you're going to have to look at for now.


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