Friday, March 30, 2012

Fry's 26 oz. salt now .37¢

Fry's brand 26 oz salt is now only .37¢! Salt its self does not expire, but salt that is iodized has a shelf life.  An adult needs an average of 8 lbs of salt for a year supply.  Does not need canned! You can just put the 26 oz. containers in tupperware totes with lids to keep bugs and moisture out.  Salt is used for curing meat, hides, soap, cleaners and all kinds of things!!!  Stock up now!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fry's Coupon Policy Changes- no longer doubling in certain AZ Locations

From Fry's:

Dear Friends,

We have some news to share regarding our “All Manufacturer Coupons Worth Up to $1” promotion. As some of you are aware, we will be discontinuing this promotion in our Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Yuma, and Greater Tucson area stores on September 14. Although some of you already know about this policy change, we wanted to let you know exactly what it will mean for you and invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

We know that doubling coupons is an important part of meeting your grocery budget, and want to assure you that the resources previously used for this promotion will now be invested in new pricing strategies to continue providing the savings that you count on.

What else will Fry’s be doing to provide savings?

■The cost savings from not making coupons up to $1 will be used to lower prices in our stores

■Starting September 14, customers in Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Yuma and Greater Tucson area stores will receive double fuel points on participating products throughout the store

■Savings from digital coupons will be the same or even greater than paper coupons, which is also made possible by these cost savings

■Generic prescription pricing ($4/30-day supply and $10/90-day supply)

■Fuel rewards

■Monthly 10% senior discount for shoppers who are 55 and older

■10% wine discount – when you buy six or more bottles

■Fry’s customers will continue to receive Loyal Customer Mailings that include coupons tailored directly to the products you buy most

Can we still use coupons at these stores?

■Fry’s will continue to accept manufacturer coupons at face value as well as Catalina, Print-at-Home, and electronic coupons to help maximize your savings

Will you stop doubling coupons at all Fry’s stores?

■At this time, this pilot program will only be held in our Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Yuma and Greater Tucson area stores

We’d like to thank you again for your support as we continue to build this community. We will be updating our coupon policies to reflect these changes later this week. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

As always, we welcome your feedback. We truly value your business, and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Fry’s Food Stores

In response, I'd just say that Fry's is really stupid for making these changes, as the Q's are the only reason I shop there anyhow.  They are just giving people a reason to go back to Walmart since they ad-match and take Q's at face value.  Besides, other stores still double so everyone will still go somewhere else.  If they mess with the Phx area, I am going to be pretty mad, boycott and scream and shout.  No, seriously....things might get thrown. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

JC Penney $10 off $25 Coupon

Get a $10 Off $25 Purchase at JCPenney Coupon. Valid on 8/26 – 8/27/11.
You can also use code GOTASALE if you shop online.

Thanks, Freebies4Mom!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Surf Water Park General Admission ONLY $13.00

I was awesome enough....I mean....lucky enough to work at Big Surf every summer as a teenager.  So many fun memories!

For a limited time, admission is only $13.00, which is a 50% savings! GO HERE TO GET YOURS NOW
Expires: September 18, 2011, which is the last day of the season.

Limit 4 per person.
Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

The very first water park was created in your grandpa’s backyard when he rigged the garden hose to the top of the slide and turned it on full blast. Luckily, water parks have evolved since then and Big Surf Waterpark has the best slides and rides to offer. Just in time for an end-of-the-summer break from the heat, today’s deal offers general admission to Big Surf in Tempe for only $13! This is a huge savings for family and friends, as it is normally priced at $26.

As the summer winds down and kids head back to school, desert dwellers know that the intense Arizona heat is still around. Take advantage of weekend admission to Big Surf until September 18. Grab a raft or body surf like a pro in America’s original wave pool, Waikiki Beach. Younger kids will love to ride the Otter Slides down into the Bora Bora Bay or sit on the giant seals, alligators or turtles in Captain Cook’s Landing! Big Surf is the best because it has the most awesome slides of any water park in Arizona. Plunge down one of three nearly vertical Hurricane Slides, with twists and turns along the way, this slide will be a thrill. For the truly brave, ride down the Black Hole, a pitch black, enclosed tube slide! Race family and friends on the Tornado Twisters, zip through the twists on the White Serpentine or take the plunge on the spiral Cyclone and Tsunami slides. The monstrous Kilauea Cove Slides offer a spectacular view of the Valley and an amazing ride down!

You really can’t go wrong at Big Surf. Whether you spend the day relaxing, swimming and surfing at the wave pool or racing, slipping, zipping and sliding down the massive water slides, you are guaranteed a day of cool, wet fun – the best way to beat the scorching heat!

SAFEWAY 8/24 - 8/30

•All Manufacturer Coupons under $1.00 are worth $1.00 (as of 7/3/11)

•See listing of current insert coupons under .50 which are currently worth $1.00 HERE
•Digital eCoupons can be loaded directly to your Safeway Card here, here or PGesaver
Link to Official Coupon Policy
Link to Weekly Ad
Link to Facebook Page

*Current Catalina Promotions
•Gain Products
Buy (1) detergent PLUS (1) additional Gain product get $2.00 OYNSO
Buy (1) detergent PLUS (2) additional Gain products get $3.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/19 - 8/27

•Milo's Kitchen Brand Dog Treats, any 10 oz or larger
Buy (1) get $1.50 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/15 - 8/31

•Milo's Kitchen Brand Dog Treats, any 3.3 oz or smaller
Buy (2) get $1.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/15 - 8/31

•Degree Men Deodorant
Buy (2) get $1.00 OYNSO
Buy (3) get $2.00 OYNSO
Buy (4) or more & get $4.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/8 - 9/4

•Best Foods Mayonnaise 30 oz jar
Buy (2) or more get $2.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/8 - 9/4

•Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water 750 ml (25.3 oz) or 1-liter (33.8 oz) bottle
Buy (2) get $0.50 OYNSO
Buy (3) get $0.75 OYNSO
Buy (4) or more & get $1.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/8 - 9/4

•Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 25 oz glass bottles or 1-Liter plastic bottles
Buy (4) get $0.75 OYNSO
Buy (6) get $1.00 OYNSO
Buy (8) or more & get $1.50 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/8 - 9/4

•Nestle Toll House Morsels
Buy (2) get $1.00 OYNSO
Buy (3) get $2.00 OYNSO
Buy (4) or more & get $3.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/8 - 9/4

Avocados, Hass 1.67
Bell Peppers, Red 0.99
Broccoli, Crowns 1.49 lb
Cantaloupe 2.00 2.00
Clementines, 3 lb bag 4.99 4.99
Corn, Platinum Sweet 0.50 0.50

Dulcinea Mini Seedless Watermelon 1.48
Use: Dulcinea PureHeart Mini-Seedless Watermelon .55/1 (09-02-11) RP-6/5
Final price: .48 ¢

Grapes, Red, Green or Black Seedless 1.99 lb
Nectarines, Red Lion 1.99 lb 
Oranges, Navel 0.99 lb
Salad, Fresh Express Spinach, Shreds, Lettuce Trio or Green and Crisp Salads 8 to 12 oz 1.49

Beef, Steak London Broil, Boneless 2.29 lb 
Chicken, Leg Quarters 0.88 lb
Chicken, Thighs or Drumsticks 0.88 lb 
Chicken, Whole 1.99 lb
Jennie-O Turkey Store Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast 20 oz 6.49
Pork, Ribs Country Style Boneless 1.69 lb
Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer 16 oz 2.49
Use: Nestle Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss product, any .55/1 (10-30-11) NestleRP-7/31
Final price: $1.49

Eating Right Large Eggs 12 ct 2.29 2.29

Lucerne Natural Slices 12 oz 3.49 3.49

Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese 6 to 8 oz
Limit 2 1.99 With in-ad store coupon
Final price: $1.99

O Organics Yogurt 6 oz 0.89

 Open Nature Crescent Rolls or Buttermilk Biscuits 8 to 16 oz 2.49 

Open Nature Greek Yogurt 6 oz 1.00 

Open Nature Sour Cream 16 oz 1.99
Silk Milk 64 oz Soy or Almond 2.99
Use: Silk, any Half Gallon $1/1 (08-31-11) SS-7/10
Final price: $1.99

 Armour LunchMakers 2.6 to 3.3 oz or 11.3 to 12.2 oz 0.99 

Ball Park Angus Beef Hot Dogs 2 lbs

Friday only! 5.00 Ball Park Franks, any DND .75/2 (09-02-11) RP-8/7 4.63
*** Ball Park Meat Franks 16 oz
Ad says B1 G1 free
Our price check- Reg $4.99 2 for 4.99 2.50

Buddig Deli Thins Sliced Lunchmeat 2 oz 0.59
Buddig Original 2 oz packages, any .55/2 (11-30-11) SS-8/21
Final price: 0.09¢

Hillshire Farm Thin or Hearty Sliced Lunchmeat 8 to 9 oz 3.50
Use: Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat, any 8 oz or larger DND .35/1 (09-17-11) RP-8/14
Final price: $3.15

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage or Bratwurst 12 to 14 oz 2.99 

O Organics Orange Juice 59 oz 3.49

Pantry Essentials Meat Franks 0.99

Smithfield Premium Sliced Bacon 16 oz Friday thru Monday only! 3.99
Arrowhead Sparkling Water 1 liter 0.89

*** Coca-Cola 12 pks 7.19 Extra Promo: Buy 2 Get 2 FREE + Get 2 FREE The Snack Artist Chips 8.5 to 13 oz Final price listed is for all 4 products 14.38

*** Lipton Tea 12 pk 16.9 oz
Friday thru Monday only! 4.50 4.50

**** Pepsi or 7UP 2 liter products
Must buy 4 to receive discount 1.25 1.25
**** Powerade 32 oz

Must buy 10 or more to receive discount 0.49
*** Refreshe Water 24 pk 16.9 oz 3.33 3.33

*** Starbucks Drinks 4 pk 9.5 oz

Friday thru Monday only! 4.50 4.50

*** Starbucks Coffee 11 to 12 oz 8.99 8.99


Anthonys Pasta 16 oz 1.11 Anthonys Pasta, any (must register for emails - will be emailed) .55/1 (active) This Link-08/09 0.11

Betty Crocker Fun da-middles 15.2 to 15.4 oz 2.50
Bushs Best Variety Beans 15 to 16 oz 1.25
Cheez-It Crackers 7.5 to 9 oz 2.50
Chicken of the Sea Solid white Albacore Tuna 5 oz 1.25
Dare Creme Cookies 12.3 oz 2.50
Del Monte Canned Vegetables 14.5 to 15.25 oz 1.00

Doritos Tortilla Chips 11 to 11.5 oz
Ad says B1 G1 free
Our price check- Reg $4.79 2 for 4.79 2.40

Frito-Lay Variety Pack 22 ct 5.99 5.99

*** General Mills Cheerios 14 oz or Lucky Charms 16 oz 2.50 General Mills Cheerios cereals, any boxes Original Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, MultiGrain Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Yogurt Burst Cheerios, Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch, Banana Nut Cheerios, Chocolate Cheerios, Cinnamon Burst Cheerios $1/2 (EXPIRES 08-27-11) SS-7/17 2.00

Hersheys Bliss Chocolate 9.6 oz 3.50 3.50

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies 6.6 to 15 oz 2.50
Use: Keebler Cookies, any flavor 6.6 oz. or larger $1/2 (10-02-11) RP-8/7
Final price: $2.00

Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies 9.5 to 16 oz 2.50
Use: Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, .75/2 (09-05-11) SS-8/7
Final price: $2.00

Nabisco Newtons 10.5 to 16 oz 3.49

Nabisco Ritz Crackers 9.5 to 16 oz 2.50
Use: Nabisco Ritz Crackers and/or Ritz Bitz Cracker Sandwiches, any 9.5 to 16 oz DND $1/2 (09-05-11) SS-5/15
Final price: $2.00

Nabisco Snack Crackers 12 to 16 oz 3.49
Open Nature 100% Natural Breads 24 oz 2.50
Pepperidge Farm Cookies 5 to 8.6 oz 2.00
Use: Pepperidge Farm Cookies, any $1/2 (09-18-11) SS-6/26
Final price: $1.50

 Planters Peanuts 16 oz 2.99
Safeway Kitchens Bagels 6 ct 2.50
Safeway Kitchens Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns 8 ct 1.25
Safeway Marinades 12 oz 1.99
Safeway Mayonnaise or Whipped Dressing 30 oz
Friday thru Monday only! 2.22
Safeway Parmesan Cheese Grated 8 oz 2.49
Tostitos Salsa 15.5 oz 3.29
Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables 11 to 16 oz
Friday thru Monday only! 1.49
C and W Vegetables 11 to 16 oz
Friday thru Monday only! 1.49
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza 12.6 to 36.8 oz
Friday only! 5.00
Captain Jac Fish and Chips 26.4 oz 6.99
DiGiorno Pizza 12.6 to 36.8 oz
Friday only! 5.00 5.00

Healthy Choice Meals 8 to 21 oz 2.00
Marie Callenders Meals 8 to 21 oz 2.00
SeaPak Seafood Selections 8.2 to 22 oz 5.99 5.99

Van de Kamps Seafood Selections 8 to 24.6 oz
Limit 2 3.79 With in-ad store coupon 3.79

Arm and Hammer Deodorant 2.6 to 2.9 oz 0.99 0.99

Arrid Deodorant 2.6 to 2.9 oz 0.99 0.99

 Balance Bar 1.76 oz 0.99 Balance Bar, any FACEBOOK COUPON $1/3 0.66

Clif Bar 2.4 oz 0.99 0.99

Colgate Toothpaste 6.4 oz 0.99 0.99

Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 25.4 oz 5.99
Pantene products, any excluding trial size $1/2 (08-31-11) PG-7/31 AND (09-30-11) SS-8/21
Final price: $5.49

Powerbar 1.94 to 2.29 oz 0.99
Softsoap Hand Soap 7.5 oz 0.99

Suave Shampoo 15 oz 0.99

Dawn Dish Detergent 10.1 to 28 oz 2.99
Use: Dawn Dish Detergent, any .50/1 (08-31-11) PG-7/31
Final price: $1.99

Ivory Dish Detergent 10.1 to 28 oz 2.99
Tide Detergent 50 oz Limit 4 Friday only! 5.00
Use: Tide Detergent, any $1/1 (08-31-11) PG-7/31
Final price: $4.00

Safeway Softly Bath Tissue 24 double rolls 10.49
Thirsty Paper Towels 12 big rolls 10.49

 Huggies Diapers Big Box 27 to 96 ct 18.99
Use: Huggies Diapers, any $1.50/1 (09-10-11) SS-8/14
Final price: $17.49

Pampers Diapers Big Box 27 to 96 ct 18.99
Use: Pampers Diapers or Pants $1/2 Bags or (1) Box (08-31-11) PG-7/31
Final price: $18.49

The following items are $2.49 each
Limit 10 With in-ad store coupon

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Pint 2.49
Breyers Ice Cream 1.5 qt 2.49
 Klondike Novelties 4 to 6 ct 2.49

Ore-Ida Potatoes 19 to 32 oz 2.49
Use: Ore-Ida Products, any $1/3 (09-30-11) SS-8/21
Final price: $2.16

Safeway Select Appetizers 8 oz 2.49
Smart Ones Meals 11.7 oz 2.49
 Starbucks Ice Cream Pint 2.49
*** The following items are $2.99 each
Limit 10 With in-ad store coupon
Birds Eye Viola Meals 21 to 23 oz 2.99 
Jose Ole Burritos and Chimichangas 5 oz 2.99 

 Morning Star Farms 5.25 to 12 oz 2.99
MorningStar Farms Veggie Foods Products, any $1/2 (10-02-11) RP-8/7

Red Baron Pizza 17.46 to 22.63 oz 2.99
The following group of items have a COMBINED LIMIT OF 4 TOTAL, MIX OR MATCH With in-ad store coupon
Also use manufacturer coupon:
Safeway allows you to use a manufacturers coupon AND Store coupon on the same purchase
Dove Bar Soap 6 ct 5.99
Dove Body Wash 18 to 24 oz 5.99
Use:  Dove Body Wash, any 10 oz. or larger excluding Dove Men Plus Care $1.25/1 (08-28-11) UnileverRP-7/31
Final price: $4.74

***** The following group of items have a COMBINED LIMIT OF 4 TOTAL, MIX OR MATCH With in-ad store coupon

Also use manufacturer coupon:

Safeway allows you to use a manufacturers coupon AND Store coupon on the same purchase

Colgate Total Toothpaste 4 to 6 oz 2.29 2.29

Crest Toothpaste 6.2 oz 2.29
Crest Toothpastes 4 oz. or more or liquid gel, any excluding Cavity, Baking Soda or Tartar .75/1 (08-31-11) PG-7/31
Final price: $1.29

For a printable list from PYP, go HERE

Cherry Picks 8/24 - 8/30

ALBERTONS (Double & Triple coupons this week!)

•Cinnamon Toast Crunch 1.99
USE: General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, any, .50/1 HERE 
Final Price: .99

BASHAS (Doubles up to 3 like coupons daily)

Earn FREE Milk - Buy any 5 gallons of milk with your Thank You Card and get the 6th gallon FREE. Earn Milk Rewards thru 9/6/11. Limit 5 rewards per transaction. Milk Money Rewards print at checkout and expire 9/18/11.

•Baileys Coffee Creamer 16 oz 1.50
USE: Baileys Coffee Creamer, any $1/1 HERE
Final Price: .50¢

•Minute Maid Coolers 10 pk 6.75 oz $1.67
USE: Minute Maid Juice Box, any 10 pk $1/1 HERE Print it twice
Final Price: .67¢

Fry's (All coupons worth $1.00 this week)

Buy 10 participating products and save $5.00 instantly!
•Del Monte or S&W Tomatoes, 14.5oz .99/.49

•Spaghetti-Os, 14.75-15oz .99/.49
USE: Campbells Spaghettios Pasta, any .50/5 HERE
Final Price: .29¢

•Sunny D, 64oz 1.49/.99
USE: Sunny D product, .25/1 (11-30-11) SS-8/7
Final Price: FREE

SAFEWAY (Double coupons daily)

•Anthonys Pasta 16 oz $1.11
Use:  Anthonys Pasta, any (must register for emails) .55/1 HERE 08/09
Final Price: .11¢

•Carefree Acti Fresh Body Shape Unscented Thin To Go Pantiliners - 22 Count 0.99
USE: Carefree product, any .50/1 (08-30-11) SS-6/26
Final Price: FREE

•Dulcinea Mini Seedless Watermelon $1.48
USE: Dulcinea PureHeart Mini-Seedless Watermelon .55/1 (09-02-11) RP-6/5
Final Price: .48¢

•Budding Deli Thins Sliced Lunchmeat 2 oz 0.59
USE: Buddig Original 2 oz packages, any .55/2 (11-30-11) SS-8/21
Final Price: .09¢

Extra 15% off + Free Shipping on any order @

Extra 15% off + Free Shipping on any order @ valid today 12-5pm EST ONLY

Use these codes: (Use both of them!!)

15% off all orders X3E2011 or C6E2011 
Free Shipping on any order FSLUNCH 
 Graphic tees that are originally $10.50 end up being only $4.24!
If you would rather shop in store, go HERE to print off a 15% off coupon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Navy 30% off Coupon!

GO HERE to print your 30% off coupon for OLD NAVY.

Good 8/25- 8/28. 

FREE BOOKS from Kellogg's and Scholastic

For every 2 participating Kellogg’s products at Walmart you purchase, you can earn a $5 coupon from Scholastic Book Club! It looks like all you have to do is go onto the website and enter your Kellogg's codes.  There is no set limit to the number of coupons you can earn. This promo is going to last a while - it goes through July 1, 2012!

CLICK HERE for more info!  To redeem rewards, go HERE

To shop Scholastic Books, go HERE.

$10 Gift Card for $5 - Chilis, Romanos, On The Border and more!

You pay just $5, and you get a $10 gift card towards any Brinker International restaurant – including Chilis Grill and Bar, Maggianos Little Italy, Romanos Macaroni Grill, and On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina.
*Valid for new Saveology buyers only. Limit 1 per household. Deal is good for 1 genuine Brinker Gift Card that will be mailed to your address once redeemed. 

GO HERE TO SNAG YOURS from pays you to refer your friends to their deals!

Quizno’s is celebrating their 30th anniversary with these printable coupons:
■Free Sub of equal or less value with the purchase of any sub and a regular fountain drink
■Free chip or cookie and regular fountain drink with purchase of regular salad or sub
■2 Meals for $9.99 – Two small subs, chips/cookies, and regular drinks for $9.99
■$1 Off Regular Sub or $2 Off Large Sub



Fry's Deals 8/24 thru 8/30

  • Fry's is no longer taking competitor coupons, but usually start this promo again during the Holiday season.  Currently all coupons are worth $1.00. 
  • Any coupon $1.00 or more there is no limit per transaction, for any coupon worth less than $1.00 at face value, only 3 per transaction will be doubled/tripled. (So if you have more than 3 to use, and you want them doubled, you have to do seperate transactions.)
  • Digital eCoupons can be loaded directly onto your Fry's VIP card - here, here,, or PGesaver *NOTE: you can't stack manufacturer's eCoupons with paper manufacturer's coupons. Also eCoupons do not double.
  • According to Fry's FB Page, they offer a 200% Produce Quality Guarantee or Double Your Money Back.

  • Fry's Coupon Policy  effective 8/1/2011

Current Catalina Deals:

Degree Men Deodorant effective 8/8-9/4
Buy (2) get $1.00 OYNSO
Buy (3) get $2.00 OYNSO
Buy (4) or more & get $4.00 OYNSO
Valid dates - 8/8 - 9/4

Kleenex Hand Towels Catalina  Effective 8/8 – 9/4
This Catalina deal paired with a coupon makes each package only $1.24 as each box is currently $2.99 (even better deal for us because our store doubles the $0.75/1 coupon!)
Buy 1 and get a $1 on your next order Catalina
Buy 2 and get a $1.50 on your next order Catalina
Buy 3+ and get a $2 on your next order Catalina

Here are your coupons to match this one:

-$0.75/1 Kleenex Hand Towels 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/9/2011)
-$0.75/1 Kleenex Hand Towels 7/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/11/2011)
-$0.50/1 Kleenex Hand Towels Rolling from

Weekly Ad:
Back to School Promo Continues this week.
Buy any 10 items and receive $5 off instantly!! No limit given. See additional products in store.

Avocados, Haas .88¢
Bananas .57¢ lb 
Bell Peppers, Green .33¢
Blackberries $2.50
Blueberries 2.50
Cantaloupe 1.50 
Cucumbers .33¢
Del Monte Fruit Naturals, 6-7oz $1.00
Grapes - Red, Green or Black Seedless $1.98 lb
Oranges, Australian Navel $1.29 lb
Peaches or Nectarines $1.98 lb
Pears, Bartlett $1.00 lb
Plums $1.98 lb
Raspberries $2.50
Strawberries16oz $2.50
Tomatoes, Roma $1.00 lb

Ham, Cooks Shank Portion Smoked $1.27 lb
Seafood - Atlantic Salmon Fillets $4.88 lb
Cheese, Kroger, 16oz $2.99

Frigo String Cheese, 16oz 3.99
Use: *Frigo Cheese Heads Snacks, any 10 oz or larger .40/1 HERE (print two)
*Frigo String Cheese, 16oz 3.99 Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese, any 10 oz. or larger .50/1 (08-31-11) BicSS-5/1
*Frigo String Cheese, 16oz 3.99 Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese, any 10 oz. or larger .55/1 (11-30-11) SS-8/21
Final price: $2.99
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip, 24oz $1.99
Milk - Frys 1/2 Gallon .88¢ (limit 4)

Other Grocery:
Capri Sun or Kool Aid Jammers, 10ct 2.00

Powerade or Powerade Zero, 32oz .49

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna, 5oz 0.69

Frys Buns, Hot Dog or Hamburger, 8ct 1.50

Kroger Salad Dressing, 16oz 1.39 

Oreo Cookies, 11.3-18oz 2.50

Quaker Cereal, 12.5-14oz 1.99
Use: Quaker Life Cereal box .75/1 (08-31-11) RP-6/19
Final price: .99¢

Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread, 20oz 1.99
Use: Sara Lee Wheat Bread, any 20 oz. .55/1 (09-10-11) RP-8/14
Final price: .99 ¢

Chicken - Breasts or Tenderloins, Tyson, Boneless and Skinless, Frozen, 2.5lb bag $4.99
Limit 4

Cool Classics Frozen Treats, 8-12ct 1.99

Cool Classics Ice Cream, 24ct 1.99

Dreyers Ice Cream, 48oz 2.88
Use: Dreyers Brand 48 oz. products, any $1/2 (09-12-11) SS-6/12
Final price: $2.38

Eggo Waffles, 6-10ct 1.99
Use: Kelloggs Eggo Frozen Products, any flavor 5.3 oz. or larger $1/2 (10-02-11) RP-8/7
Final price: $1.49

Kroger Potatoes, 14-32oz $1.99

MorningStar Farms Entrée, 5.2-14.5oz $3.33
Use: MorningStar Farms Veggie Foods Products, any $1/2 (10-02-11) RP-8/7
Final price: $2.83

Nestle or Dreyers Frozen Treats, 4-60ct $2.88

Arrid Deodorant, 2.6-2.8oz $1.00

Colgate Optic Toothpaste, 4oz $2.99

VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner, 15oz .69¢
Back To School Promo:
Save $5 instantly at checkout when you buy 10 participating back to school items.
All prices are shown before/after. Discount is basically .50¢ per item

Bakers Secret Bakeware, 1ct 3.49/2.99
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix, 18.9-20.5oz 1.49/.99
Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mix, 15.2-16.2oz 1.49/.99¢
Brawny Paper Towels, 6 Big Rolls 6.49/5.99
Use: Brawny Paper Towels, 2-Roll or larger package .50/1 (11-15-11) RP-8/14
Final price: $4.99
Caress Body Wash, 18oz 2.99/2.49
Use: Caress Tahitian Renewal, Cashmere Luxury, Daily Silk, Evenly Gorgeous, Velvet Bliss, Glowing Touch, Sheer Twilight or Scarlet Blossom, any 12 oz. Body Wash or larger or 6-bar pack or larger .75/1 (08-28-11) UnileverRP-7/31
Final price: $1.49

Cheez-It Crackers, 9.75-14oz 2.76/2.26
Del Monte or S&W Tomatoes, 14.5oz .99/.49
Dial Hand Soap, 7.5oz 2.29/1.79
Use: Dial Bar or Liquid Hand Soap, any .35/1 (08-30-11) RP-8/7
Final Price: .79¢

EnviroKidz Organic Cereal or Crispy Rice, 10-11.5oz or 6pk 1.99/1.49
Fritos, 10.5oz 2.49/1.99
Gatorade or G2, 8pk 4.99/4.49
Ivory or Safeguard Soap, 8-10 Bars 3.99/3.49
Use:  Ivory Bar or Bodywash or Safeguard Bar or Liquid Handsoap .50/1 (08-31-11) PG-7/31
Final price: $2.49

Johnsons Baby Care, 8-15oz 2.99/2.49
Use: Johnson and Johnson Red Cross Brand products, any $1.50/1 (11-30-11) UnileverRP-7/31
Final price: $.99

Keebler Cookies, 12-18oz 1.99/1.49
Keebler Cookies, any flavor 6.6 oz. or larger $1/2 (10-02-11) RP-8/7
Final price: .99¢

Keebler Cookies, 12-18oz 1.99/1.49
Use: Keebler Products, any $1/3 HERE  07/30
Final price: $1.16

Kelloggs Cereal, 17-25.5oz Pictured: Froot Loops, and Frosted Flakes 2.99/2.49
Use: *Kelloggs Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Honey Smacks and/or Frosted Flakes Cereals, any flavor 8.7 oz. or larger $1/3 (09-04-11) RP-7/24 2.16
*Kelloggs Cereal, any $1/3 HERE 
*Kelloggs Cereals, any flavor 8.7 oz. or larger $1/2 (09-18-11) RP-8/7
Final price: $1.99-2.16

Kotex Liners, 34-64ct 2.99/2.49
Use: Kotex Liners, any 33 ct. or larger $1.50/2 (09-17-11) SS-8/7
Final price: $1.74

Kotex Pads, 14-24ct 2.99/2.49
Use: Kotex Pads, any $2/2 (09-17-11) SS-8/7
Final price: $1.49

Kotex Tampons, 18ct 2.99/2.49
Use: Kotex Security Tampons, any $1.50/2 (09-17-11) SS-8/7
Final price: $1.74

Kroger Singles, 16ct 1.99/1.49
Marie Callenders Entrée, Pot Pie or Steamer, 8.5-21oz 2.49/1.99
Use: $1/3 Single Serve Frozen Meals

Naked Juice, 15.2oz 2.49/1.99

Ocean Spray Juice Coctail, 4ct or 64oz 2.49/1.99

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat, 7-9oz 3.49/2.99

Private Selection Ice Cream, 48oz 3.99/3.49

Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue, 12 Double Rolls 6.49/5.99

Red Baron Pizza, 8.8-22.6oz 3.49/2.99

Spaghetti-Os, 14.75-15oz .99/.49
Use: Campbells Spaghettios Pasta, any .50/5 HERE
Final price: .29¢

St. Ives Face Cleansers, 4.5-6.75oz 4.49/3.99

St. Ives Facial Cleanser or Scrub, 4.5-6.75oz 4.49/3.99

Sunny D, 64oz 1.49/.99
Use: Sunny D product, .25/1 (11-30-11) SS-8/7
Final price: FREE

Thomas English Muffins, 6ct 2.49/1.99

Tone Hand Soap, 7.5oz 2.29/1.79

Zest Soap, 8-10 Bars 3.99/3.49
Use: Zest Bar Soap, any 3-pack multi-pack or larger $1/1 (08-31-11) SS-7/17
Final price: $2.49

My Publisher $20 off

Click here, enter your email address and receive an email back with a code valid for $20 off any hardcover photo book. Valid for new customers only. 

Use it towards… FREE Hardcover Pocketbook OR Classic Hardcover Photo Book for $9.80 after code + shipping.

I use MyPublisher quite often and love them! (I rotate between them and Snapfish or whomever has the best deal at the time :) )

FREE Frames - New or Existing Customers @

Free Frames – for new or existing customers –

Use Code:
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*Lenses, Shipping & Handling extra (Standard Lens 1.50 Index is $9.95, cheapest shipping is $8.95)

Not all frames are eligible for this freebie promotion. If you see a “Coupons not applicable” message on a frame, then it is excluded from the promotion.

To get yours, go HERE!

Habitual Coupon Users BEWARE!

I thought this whole story was so rediculous,  but you have to see it! A Kroger in Georgia denied a customer's use of coupons because she was a "habitual coupon user!"  I think this was obviously one of those situations where the cashier made up his/her own rules on a whim, because I have never heard of something like this before, but what would you do if it happened to you?!

Here in Arizona our Kroger chain is Fry's, and I try not to shop anywhere else if I don't have to.  I think I would break up with them if they did this to me! :)

Watch video and see article HERE on Fox News.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dairy Queen B1G1 Blizzard Coupons

Go HERE and sign up for Dairy Queen's Blizzard Fan Club to recieve a welcome Buy One, Get One Free Blizzard coupon in addition to their first ever July BOGO on July 13!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food Storage Calculator

Go here for a good food storage calculator!  There are a few things I will buy more of and less of, but it at least helps get you started.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Clorox Bleach @ Fry's

I got a $2 off your next order for getting two clorox liquid bleach.

Here is a great deal on Clorox Bleach at Fry's.
Buy 2 bleach at $1.77 each  ($3.54 total)

Use: (2) .25¢ coupons which will quadruple to 1.00 each
You will recieve a $2.00 off next order catalina coupon

So after the catalina, you get  an overage of .46¢


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CHEAP Candy at CVS

CVS has all of its "Fall" candy on clearance.  Bags of Hershey's kisses, and Reese's PB Cups are only $1.00.

Use: $1/2 Hersheys Kisses Brand Chocolates, any 10 oz. or larger (12-31-10) SS-11/14

or $1/2 Hersheys Kisses Milk Chocolates filled with Caramel or Hersheys Kisses Chocolate Meltaway Milk Chocolates, 8.5 oz. bags or larger (11-28-10) SS-9/26

Final price for Kisses: .50¢ !!

My CVS on Ellsworth/Ocotillo had them on the checkout registers and at a table in the front of the store.  They are not marked!!!