Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fry's Coupon Policy

Thank you for contacting Fry's Food and Drug Store regarding the Coupon Policy for stores in your area.

Our stores will accept the following:

Manufacturer Coupons
Internet Manufacturer "cents of"" Coupons
Internet "Dollar Off" Coupons
Fry's In-Store Coupons
Fry's Catalina Coupons
and Competitor Pharmacy Coupons only.

* Fry's will double manufacturer coupons only. (unless we are running a special triple or quadrupling promo, for which we will advertise specific dates)

In-Store coupons are always taken at face value.

* Fry's will double 'cents of" manufacturer coupons up to $1.00 in value.
* All coupons that are over $1.00, FREE, or state 'Do Not Double' are redeemed at face value.
* A limit of three of the same coupons for the like items will be doubled. Any additional coupons for the same items will be redeemed at face value.
* There is generally no limit on manufacturer FREE coupons however stores can limit the free coupons in order to ensure product availability for our customers.
* The coupon refund may not exceed the price of the item including VIP discount.
* Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmacy coupons are accepted at face value only.

We do accept Internet coupons, providing the following is true:
* The coupon is not for a free product or for more than 75% off the original cost - we do not accept those from the Internet.
* The coupon scans properly at the register. If the registers do not register, it is most likely not a valid coupon.
* The coupon is not altered in any way.

If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to call us at 866-344-3797.

Thanks again for contacting Fry's.

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