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Couponing for AZ Beginners

This is a great Checklist to have for beginners.  Thanks, PYP!  To download, go HERE

Step 1:        Gather Some Coupons
c    Free Papers:  La Voz, La Prensa Hispana, Tribune
c    Pick up coupons you see in the store
§         Peelies (you peel them off products)
§         Blinkies (you take them from blinking machines)
§         Tearpads (you tear them off pads of coupons)
§         Catalinas (you receive them when they come out of the printer at checkout)
c    Subscribe to the AZ Republic, or
c    If you’d like to start saving on groceries without using newspaper coupons, see this blog post

Step 2: Sort and Store Your Coupons
c    File Newspaper inserts by date.  (Watch a video.) 
c    File loose coupons in a binder.  (Watch a video.)

Step 3: Visit to Find Out What’s On Sale (Watch a video.)
c    From, click State Forums, then select Arizona’s Screaming Deals (or click here).
c    Find the “Please list any Cheap/FREE” discussion of the week.
c    Click “SEE THE LIST HERE” for great prices and coupon match-ups. 
c    Find the “Best Advertised Price on Perishables” discussion of the week to find great prices on dairy, meat and produce.
c    Decide which deals/stores interest you.  (Refer to a price book for help.)

Step 4: Clip Coupons and Plan Your Shopping Trip(s)
c    Using the “Cheap/FREE” and individual store discussions, locate coupons for items you wish to purchase.
c    Sort clipped coupons by store (I recommend a binder; envelopes and paper clips will do).
c    Make a grocery list of any non-coupon items you will purchase.

Step 5: Enjoy Saving Money While You Shop at the Store!

               Things to Know Before You Go
§         Bashas’, Fry’s and Safeway double coupons every day.  Coupons are doubled to no more than $1 value (i.e. A .30/1 coupon doubles to .60/1.  A .75/1 coupon “doubles” to $1/1.  A coupon with $1 value or greater will be redeemed at face value.)
§         Safeway limits doubles to the first three like coupons.  Other like coupons are redeemed at face value. 
§         Read your coupons carefully, most say "one coupon per purchase."  Each item you buy is a purchase.  If you 10 of an item, you can use 10 coupons for that item.  It is rare for a coupon to state "one coupon per customer.”

Words and Phrases to Know:

Based on a post at Pinching Your Pennies: 

Couponese 101: Coupon-Related Words, Terms, and Abbreviations

Blinkie: A manufacturer coupon found in machines with blinking red lights attached to store shelves.
Catalina/Register Rewards/ECB: A coupon that prints from a small machine next to the cash register.
Hangtag: A manufacturer coupon hanging around the neck of a product.
Mailer: A store or manufacturer coupon that was mailed to consumers.
Mfr/mfg: A manufacturer coupon, usually found in the newspaper insert.
MIR: Mail-in rebate, a piece of paper that must be filled out and mailed to the company, usually with your cash register receipt, in order to get a check for the advertised discount.
Insert coupon: A coupon that was found in the inserts in the Sunday newspaper.
Peelie: A manufacturer coupon in the form of a sticker on a product.
Printable: Coupon that can be printed from the Internet.  (Printable coupons cannot be photocopied.)
Store Coupon: A coupon offered by the store as opposed to the manufacturer.  Store coupons can generally be combined ("stacked") with manufacturer (mfr.) coupons.
Winetag: A coupon found on a wine bottle. Winetags are either NWPN (no wine purchase necessary, meaning that you don't need to buy a bottle of wine to use the coupon) or WPN (wine purchase necessary, meaning that you must buy wine in addition to the advertised item in order to use the coupon).
B1G1/BOGO: When you buy one of an item, you get a second of that item for free.
The coupon item is for cents off the item, as in "75 c/o" or a "c/o coupon" (also .75/1).
OYNO: On your next order. Coupons good on your next purchase at the store that dispensed the coupon.
PG: Proctor and Gamble insert. Usually distributed on the first Sunday or each month.
Rolling: Buying an item which triggers printing of a coupon good on the same item, then using that coupon to purchase the item at a discounted rate, causing yet another coupon to print.
RP: Redplum insert.
Stack: Using a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon on the same item for a greater discount. Manufacturer coupons cannot be stacked with each other.
SS: Smart Source coupon insert.
TMF: Try me free. A mail-in rebate (MIR) for the full cost of the item.

How to Read Which Coupon to Clip
   Rank   Item                                      Price  Coupon Location(s)                              Final Price

Coupons are listed in this format:  Coupon text/Amount/Expiration Date/Location
Coupon Text:  McCormick Grill Mates Blend, Marinade or Spice Rub, any
Coupon Amount: .50/1 (50 cents off 1) Expiration Date:  (8-31-09) Location: RP-5/3 (Red Plum from May 3)
How to Read the Best Advertised Price on Perishables List

Prices are listed in this format:
Item (best historical price) current advertised price 1 Store 1 current advertised price 2 Store 2
Item: Bell Pepper- Green/Best Price in PYP History: .20 ea/Current Prices: .33 ea at IGA, .49 ea at Bashas’
Note: if no price is listed after the parenthesis, than there was no advertised priced for that item this week.

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