Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JCPenney Slob To Suave Winner:

The winner of the JCPenney Slob to Suave giveaway is Nicole Schaub!
For an extra entry, Nicole also sent in before and after photos of her husband, Chad:
From Nicole's entry: "I know the "slob" photo isn't a whole body shot, but I don't think it get's much more slobby that wearing a FREE shirt you got from volunteering with the Boy Scouts, no gel in your hair, and blood running down your face because the gun you were shooting had a little more "kick" to it than you thought it did and nailed you in the face. And... It doesn't get more suave than looking handsome with your boys."
We had a lot of entries, so thanks to all of you that participated! A few of you also sent in Slob to Suave photos of your husbands, so at their expense, I wanted to share a few that made me giggle. Thanks ladies, and thank your husbands for being good sports!

submitted by Rebecca Alvarado (A leisure suit, really?)

submitted by Carol Huff (very deboinaire)

submitted by Kelly Wilcock (lovin' the fanny pack)
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Mark and Kelly's Blog said...

Just wanted to clarify, for my husband's sake, that he was wearing the outfit, fanny pack and all, for a "white trash" bar-b-que we had. Classic. It really is a shame they're not still in fashion, right? So handy. That was a fun contest, thanks a ton. I really enjoyed the other photos.

Mark and Kelly's Blog said...
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johnsonteammom said...

I just want to clarify that my husband couldn't have won this contest cause he is no slob, I just wanted the gift certificate for myself!!

Chad~Nicole said...

So...Chad wasn't so happy about the photos I submitted. He wasn't so sure his pride is worth $100, but I totally beg to differ. :)Thanks Bargain Moms!