Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$100 JCPenney Gift Card Giveaway ENDS TOMORROW!

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Last night my husband and I went to JCPenney to spend our $100 gift card to change him from Slob to Suave.
DC is NOT a fancy schmancy guy. If it fits, he wears it. One part of his wardrobe that needed some help was his church clothes. He definately was in need of some new dress pants, a new church belt, a new white shirt and a tie that wouldn't fall apart after it was worn twice. So, that is part of what we got him last night at JCPenney.

Here was the break down of what we got for our $100:
Green Sriped tie Reg price: $36 Sale: $11.99 **
VH Fitted white shirt Reg price: $40 Sale: $19.99**
Flat Front Dress Pants Reg price: $70 Sale: $34.99**
Black Keyhole belt Reg price: $30 Sale: $7.99**
AZ Cargo Shorts 1 Reg price: $36 Sale: $14.99
AZ Cargo Shorts 2 Reg price: $36 Sale: 14.99
**denotes worn in photo above

Total before tax: $104.94
Tax: $8.45
Grand Total: $113.39


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