Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich

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LittlePeopleWealth posted a little blog about this article from

It is called 10 (More) Reasons Why You Aren't Rich

You care what your car looks like
You feel entitlement
You lack diversification
You started too late
You don't like to learn
You don't do what you enjoy
You buy things you don't use
You don't understand value
Your house is too big
You fail to take advantage of opportunities

I thought a lot of these points are not only true, but interesting to read about. Some of these topics have tips that I might not actually apply, but some are great! Let me know what you think. I am sure most of us could do a lot better at a lot of these things! I know I could! Baby steps, right? :)

Thanks, LittlePeopleWealth for sharing such great info!

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