Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Coupons

A few coupons to use at Fry's that came in yester's paper:

Cottonelle: $.99
Use: $.25/1
Final: FREE (after quad)

Coupons that go with the Fry's 10 item event:

Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes: $1.00
Use: $.35/1 SS
Final: FREE

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix: $1.50
Use: $.40/1 SS
Final: $.50

C&H Sugar: $1.50
Use: $.35/1
Final: $.50

There were a few more pretty good coupons that I saw that will be great with the quadruple coupons, and save your Safeway ad that had coupons as well. Fry's will take the $3/3Q for Poptarts and we have a coupon for .55/1 that came a week or two ago for those as well.

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