Friday, November 14, 2008

A few extra Fry's deals:

A few unadvertised deals that I have seen:
(Don't forget to print off your Fresh & Easy $6/$30Q!)

Print off a $5/$20 coupon from Walgreens to use at Fry's by clicking HERE. Coupon is good Friday and Saturday only. Print as many as you want, just use one per transaction.

*You can combine these two coupons at checkout

Fry's has cream cheese 4 for $5.00.
Use the coupon from Albertson's ad BOG2 Free, you get: 3 for $1.25.

Smaller Martinelli's Applie Cider is $1.50
Use: Martinelli's Sparkling Cider or Sparkling Juices any 25.4oz .50/1 (2-28-09) RP-11/2
Final: $0.50

(bigger bottles are $2.50, so $1.50 with coupon)

Beech-nut Rice cereal and Oatmeal Cereal 8 oz. $1.29
Use: Beech-Nut Cereal Product, any $1/1 (1-31-09) SS-10/26
Final: $0.29

Beech-Nut Juice Blends
Use: Beech-Nut Juice Blend, any .75/1 (1-31-09) SS-10/26
Final: FREE

Glade Aerosol Sprays $10/10
Use: Glade aerosol sprays, any $1/2 (12-14-08) SS-11/2
Final: $0.50

Cottonelle 4 pack $0.99 (still)
Use: Cottonelle Toilet Paper, any 4-Pack or larger .25/1 (11-15-08) SS-10/26
Final: Free (after quad coupons) If you still have some, these expire TOMORROW, so go use them!

Pilsbury crescent rolls $1.67
Use: (Pillsbury Cresent Dinner Rolls .25/1 (1-31-09) SS-11/9)
Final: $0.67


Sweetsmilz said...

FYI - I tried to use the B2G1 on the Phillie cream cheese. My hubby was checking out so I didn't know until later, but they only gave him 1 free. So make sure to watch really close when they ring it up to make sure you get two free instead of just one!

Whetten Family said...

You can always take your reciept back to customer service for a refund on the 1. They are really good about just giving cash for it. Even if you go on your next trip, they might still refund it.

LG said...

thanks for all the great savings info. f.y.i. walgreens has a coupon for $5 off $20 or more that you can print and take to Fry's however it is only valid for Friday 11/14 and Saturday 11/15. Please help me notify everyone that checks Bargain moms because I do not know how to post it. Thanks in advance and have a great evening.

Scarlett Family said...

You can use the beechnut ceral/oatmeal coupons at Bashas cuz they double them to 1.50 and they are on sale for 1.50! So it's free!!

The Grant Fam said...

There is a nestle morsels coupon at .50 off two.

The Grant Fam said...

The coupon is under promotion and it is the monthly coupons. Hope that helps.