Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations

Coupon Locations for week of 9/3:
Already gone - $65/$100 - Click necklace then makeup compact

Already gone - $45/100 - Catch middle heart once you click Weasley's head in the start at the bottom

20% off when you buy a mens and a womens item - Click on the item of the week shirt on the far left on the guy

$10/$50 - Ketchup to hot dog picture on front of cart
15% off any purchase when you buy a mens item - use red pool chalk to chalk Enrique's pool stick
5% is the striped shirt at the bottom that's arms move
To try for your coupons, visit

Visit the M80Newsroom for Old Navy Updates!

Seriously, it just refreshed like 5 minutes ago and I missed the good ones.  {Sigh}

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Together We Save said...

I never get the good ones! I can't stay up late enough to catch them and if I do my computer is so slow I usually still miss out.