Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations

Old Navy reset their coupons last night, which I missed but whatevs.....

On Saturday, August 29th, get extra deals at Old Navy’s “One Day Wonder” sale. You get a free graphic tee when you purchase a pair of adult jeans for $19 (regular price is $29.50)!

Coupon Locations for week of 8/27:
$65/$100 - click wesley's head in star and catch the middle big heart (might reset again if they are all out)

$45/100 -click necklace twice and then compact once (might reset again if they are all gone)

20% off click woman on the left's blue argyle sweater 2x and it turns blue

$10/$50 if you answer the question "what was last weeks item of the week" - cargo pants. you get the question when you click special offers on the bottom left

15% off - click the red pool thingy on the table n put it on enruques stick

5% off - Ketchup goes on the hot dog picture on the front of the hotdog cart

Source: Afullcup.

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