Friday, August 14, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations

Coupon Locations for week of 8/13:

$75/$100 - Move vote for kimmy & natalie poster to 2 locations - curtain window on far right side, and far right window above african american girl's shoulder

$50/$100 - Move Trumpet to girl in green shirt's mouth and put center of trumpet over it so she blows into it to get coupon

$10/$50 - Move blue headband on african american little girl to the screen to the left on the other african american little girl's head

25% off - catch the mouse under the curtain -- put your mouse right under the first curtain fold on the right hand side. he comes out about every 20 seconds. then click right after he sticks his head out.

10% off purchase - click on juice box in far right window screen in girl on left's hand

$8/$50 - Click sandwich in little african american girl's hand on bottom.

If it says a certain coupon is gone, you can always try for it later!

1 comment:

Gotcher Family said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I have not won anything big but if I keep doing it and know what to look for I am sure I will. Thanks