Friday, August 7, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations

$10 of $50-At the Bottom, there is a "Double Takes!" frame with a girl w/a pink shirt and a blue headband. Take her headband and move it to the same model to the left with the light pink shirt on.

25% off Any In Store Purchase-Under the frame on the right hand side (Collectilitees) grab the pink Spiderman shirt and drag it to the blonde model under "They Live like Us"

Buy Item of the Week and Get 15% Off-Sign up for Text Updates at the bottom left

10% off any in store purchase when you buy any kids item-At the bottom there is a Magazine that says "Check out Class of $10 Issue", to the left of the magazine is a yellow arrow. Click the Arrow to get the coupon.

$5 off $25-In the bottom frame called "Double Takes", click on the Banana Peel (or whatever it is) in the Model's ( with the pink shirt) Hand.

Thanks, A Full Cup!

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