Sunday, July 5, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards

If you haven't heard of Disney Movie Rewards yet, then you have been missing out on some easy and FREE prizes from Disney!

There are two ways to earn: when you buy DVD's or go to Disney movies.

All you have to do is register (Registration is free) at and when you buy any Disney DVD's, inside of the case is a little paper which has a "Magic Code". All you have to do is plug in that code and you earn 100 points per DVD. They have a lot of great prizes that you can exchange your rewards for and they add new ones periodically. You can earn more free movies, posters, collectibles, blankets....all kinds of Disney swag.

I took a minute to sign up for it today and went through my Disney DVD's that were laying around the house and I was able to get 2000 points just from DVD's that I have bought over the past several months. (What bugs is that I would have more, but my kids take the little papers out of the DVD's and play with them, so I am missing a bunch) If this happens to you and you lose your code or your case is empty, all you have to do is keep your receipt, log into your account, print off their mail in form and wait to receive credit!

You also get credit for going to Disney Movies in the theatre! Just keep your ticket stubs, print off their form and mail it in with your ticket stubs! You might as well get credit for things you were going to spend money on anyhow. Wanna earn extra points? They have surveys and refer a friend benefits as well.

PLUS they have special promotions and offers for you as a member of their Rewards Club. For example, today I got a free phone call from any Disney Princess for one of my girls who's birthday was this weekend. COMPLETELY FREE. What little girl won't love that?

There are also links to all different kinds of Disney features like games, online shopping, FREE printable pictures, FREE downloadable wallpaper, desktops, iron on's etc. Plus it keeps you up to date and informed on all of Disney's latest and greatest ventures.

Trust me, it's worth it. What are you waiting for?! Start Now!

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The Johnsons said...

i have the little papers from the movies but i cant find he code you are talking about, where is it? in the inside? thnx