Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC again! (thru 5/19)

Today Oprahs show is doing “hook up’s", so she hooking all of us with FREE Grilled Chicken Meals from KFC!

Free offer good for 2 pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ (manager’s choice) and two individual sides and a biscuit at participating KFC restaurants located in the U.S., while supplies last.
*It's been reported that you can print each coupon 4 times?
Last night they were having so much trouble with the coupon printing that they put up a temporary PDF file that folks could print. Unsurprisingly, now some people are having trouble redeeming this one at stores because they all have the same barcode and look like photocopies of a Bricks coupon. If you are having trouble redeeming yours (or printing yours), there are now instructions on the Oprah website about what to do.
Useful info:
If you have concerns about using multiple coupons with the same code number:
All the PDF coupons downloaded from Oprah.com on the evening of May 5 have the same bar code.
Subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon and instructions on Oprah.com, these coupons will be accepted by participating KFC restaurants in the U.S.
::If you downloaded coupons and they were not accepted at a KFC restaurant:
Please call 1-800-CALL-KFC.
Our Customer Service representatives will assist you and also take the information about your experience and follow up with the restaurant.
::For all other questions:
Please email KFC.PublicRelations@KFC.com with any problems concerning your KFC coupon.
(Thanks, Mashupmom for the cs info!)


Connie said...

I was able to print the first Q 4 times, but couldn't get the Oprah link to come up - I'm not complaining tho! :D Thanks D!

Michelle Bebe said...

I have printed coupons before I thought....but it wouldn't let me!!! It told me I needed to install the coupon printer (fine I did that) but then it just keeps coming up with that window???