Sunday, May 31, 2009

FREE Orange Julius on 6/19

On June 19th you can get a free Orange Julius smoothie by going here and downloading your coupon!

Don't wanna wait? Go HERE for $1.00 off coupon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for your tips. Great blog!

Shanen said...

Hi, I'm sorry I tried to find your direct contact info. but I couldn't find it so I will send it here....

My name is Shanen and I am a student and worker at ASU's New Media Innovation Lab. At work we're developing a site for local moms/parents to trade and barter for items and services. For example, a mom with a new baby could trade her photography skills to get a crib. Each user would set up a profile with the items they want, what they have to trade and what skills they have and the services they are looking for. In order to make this site the best it can be, I've got a few quick questions. The more detail you can give the better. Thanks for your input!

First, is there any interest in a site like this? Do you have any specific recommendations or concerns? Does the idea of trading with people you don't know concern you? If so, what would make you feel safer with the site? Of the following options, which would you prefer?

A receipt/log of your trade/services OR arrange the trade yourself with the other person?

A rating/review system for people you have bartered with similar to EBay, where you cannot delete the reviews, whether good or bad OR an option for recommending someone you bartered with, either through written reviews or a thumbs-up type of system, without being able to write negative reviews that would not be able to be erased?

Of the following options, which would you prefer? An in-depth profile, including photo, interests, skill sets (with references), items wanted and items for trade with an identity verification program OR a simple profile with the same points, but without an identity verification check? Which would you prefer to fill out and which sounds safer?

What do you do with your old items or where do you get used items you need?

What would be alternative ways you obtain these items without spending money?

What would prevent you from using this site?

Feel free to answer whichever questions you like and to choose which questions to pose to readers you think might be interested in this.

Thank you so much for your time. I'd love to hear back your thoughts on this idea and maybe if you could ask some other mom's and people that would be interested in a free service like this! Have a nice day:)

Shanen Lloyd
New Media Innovation Lab