Thursday, March 5, 2009

FREE Family Home Evening Pack

If you've been wanting some more great things for your Family Home Evening collection, here's a great opportunity!

'So I stumbled across this FREE offer from LIVING scriptures and I couldn't believe it!!! They just started giving the Hinckley Family Fun Gift Pack away as of yesterday!

Just enter your information you'll receive:

Journey to the Promise Land Animated Book of Mormon DVD
The Trek West "Docudrama" DVD
A 48-Page Family Home Evening Activity Book
8 Animated Book of Mormon character magnets.

All FREE and no shipping cost!!!'


Thanks for the info, Kelli!


Anonymous said...

My only reservation on this is that you have to give your phone # and I don't want them calling me a hundred times a week to try and sell me stuff.

Whetten Family said...

It does say at the very bottom in small writing that you agree to have them contact you from time to time with special offers.

I guess you can always ask them to take you off of their call list if they do start to call and ask to only be contacted via email or something.

Reese said...

I just called their customer service and they said there isn't any "fine print" or obligations with this free gift. Just free stuff! Sounds good to me!

Stephanie said...

I have their New Testament Series and we love it! Thanks for this great freebie!