Thursday, February 12, 2009

Diaper Deal at Fry's thru 2/17

Fry's brand Comfort diapers are on sale this week for $5.99. (Size 1-6 : 26-56 count)
You can go through Fry's website and print (2) coupons for $3 off Comfort brand diapers HERE

With the coupons, the diapers end up being $2.99 a package!

(This is through, but only through Fry's website.)

Thanks, BargainScout!


Reese said...

OHHH, thanks! I haven't bought diapers since that diaper deal at Walgreens back in JULY!! But now I'm down to one pack and need to buy more!! BUMMER! But at least I can get them cheap! Thanks again! :D

Cori White said...

thanks for the info.. those are the diapers I like the best.. they are great quality for not a name brand.. way better than the walmart or target brands.. thanks!!! ive already been to frys once.. going back again tonight!!!

jnlsmom said...

the link doesn't take me to the coupon... any suggestions?

Whetten Family said...

The bottom right picture says "print your coupons".