Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Walgreens Diaper Deal 11/2 thru 11/8

This week (11/2 - 11/8/08), Walgreens has their brand diapers Buy one get one FREE! Here is what you need to do to maximize your deal:

1- Go to Walgreens.

2- Head back to the pharmacy and ask them about their Walgreens savings plan. You are interested in getting the $50 worth of Walgreens coupons. It has a red cover and is a thicker paper folded in half. When you get it, don't tear the coupon out. It is on the bottom row of coupons.

3- The limit on diaper is 4 per transaction. If they don't have them in stock, get a raincheck. The Walgreens coupon is good until 12/31.

4- When you have the cashier ring up your items, show them the Walgreen's coupon and have them scan it without tearing it out. I have only had ONE cashier in the 15 insist on having me tear it out. Since it is a Walgreens coupon, they do not need to have them in their till. Most cashiers will just throw them away. The coupon will take $2 off each bag of diapers even though it says limit one. (This is just the way Walgreens coupons work)

5- It ends up being 2 packs of diapers for $4.99. If Walgreens does have a coupon come out next Friday/Saturday it will work out even better.

6- Some people are reporting that the training pants are not scanning with the Walgreens diaper coupon. It should be though. If this is the case, it will depend on the cashier if they will accept it or not. Also they may only do it one time since that is the limit on the coupon.

Here is the breakdown cost per diaper:

  • Newborn (40 ct) - .06 per diaper
  • Size 2 (48 ct) - .05 per diaper
  • Size 3 (40 ct) - .06 per diaper
  • Size 4 (34 ct) - .07 per diaper
  • Size 5 (30 ct) - .08 per diaper
  • Size 6 (26 ct) - .09 per diaper

(Thanks, BargainScout for the info!)


Connie said...

Thanks for reminding me of this deal...I also have a $4 Walgreens RR that I got from the razor a while ago that I need to use today :) WOOT WOOT

Sarah said...

I am glad that it helps. I like the breakdown so I know if it is a good deal or not!