Friday, November 7, 2008

Prescription coupons

Paying for prescriptions stinks. We spend around $150.00 a month on 5 medications for my two girls. (That's with insurance!) Both of my girls have asthma and one of the medications they are both on is Singulair.

I found a site HERE for Singulair that offers $10.00 off each of your next 4 prescription fills for Singulair. (We have to fill them every month, so that $80.00 savings over then next 4 months is quite a score for us!)

There is also a $20.00 coupon available for Singulair as well. (It says one time use per prescription)

Between getting my $25.00 transfer credits (one per prescription) at Fry's (they accept competitor pharmacy coupons), the $10.00 coupons and both $20.00 coupons, I am a happy mom this month!

Does anyone else have any good prescription coupons like this? I have heard that Costco is unbeatable in their Rx prices. (with or without insurance) Does anyone use them?

Walmart also has a $4.00 drug program ($10 for 30days)
List of participating prescriptions is HERE I had never looked at it before today, but there are several Rx that we get or have gotten prescriptions for that are cheaper at Wal-Mart than through our insurance. You can print off the list and keep it with you for when you go to the Dr. and request a generic of specific drugs that you know are on the Wal-Mart list.

More prescription coupons online: (if anyone knows of more, we can add them!)

Nasonex $10.00 off

Remember that CVS, Target, Fry's (accepts competitor Rx coupons), Walgreens etc. all send out coupons for new and or transferred prescriptions from time to time. Watch for them. It is worth it to transfer an $8.00 prescription to CVS if they are going to give you a $25 gift card. Even if your prescription is $30, you still basically only spent $25.00 on it. You can only use one transfer coupon per drug store per prescription. So, once you are all "transferred out", you can either leave it where it is or transfer it back to your "favorite drug store".

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