Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mervyns Is Out of Business! Everything 50% off

If you hadn't heard the rumors yet, it is true. Mervyns filed for bankruptcy in July, and although they tried to keep open on a smaller scale, they can't do it and are closing ALL OF THEIR STORES! Their going out of business sale has already started, and everything in the store is at least 50% off.
Hopefully someone can find some killer deals on things they need there! Happy Holidays!
(I just love saying that and my house is even cold today!)


The Martin Family said...

I went there today and most everything is only 30% off. There was only a few things that are 50%. Hopefully they will mark the rest down soon!

Whetten Family said...

Thanks for the update.

Their commercials yesterday were saying "Everything is 50% off or more".

Maybe every week they will mark more down each time.

Connie said...

We were there this week and since we're going to be moving soon and Alex will be having to wear a "uniform" to school, I've been wondering where I'm going to find him some, and the Mervyn's had everything he needed for 50% off! SO STOKED! We even bought stuff 2 sizes too big cuz the pants were only $6.50. Seriously, this was cheaper than I could find used stuff on Craigslist... :) Thanks for the reminder!