Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coupons on Ebay

Don't forget that you can always purchase coupons on Ebay for items that you can get for Free/nearly free.

Last night I bought the following: (because I know I will use them, or a friend will)

20 Beech-Nut coupons for Rice Cereal (will be only .29c a box)
40 Beech-Net coupons for their yogurt drink (will be FREE after coupons)
180 Cottonelle TP coupons (will be .25c a package)

All for less than $8.00 including shipping, and my savings will be in the hundreds.

Most coupons come in 15 or 20 increments for less than $1.00

SO, even if you only get 1 Sunday paper, don't think coupons aren't still available out there for you to use. Check your Sunday paper, and immediately after, start bidding on the coupons that you KNOW you will use! (before their expiration, of course)

Buying coupons on eBay has several advantages.
First, someone else is spending their time gathering the papers, clipping and sorting the coupons, and mailing them to you. You don't have to do all of the work! ime saver! And you should get those coupons within 2-3 days. Score!
Also, you can pick and choose exactly what coupons you will use and increase your savings on products you use every week instead of having extra sheets of coupon inserts stacked up throughout your house. (or paying for those extra Sunday papers as well)

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