Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coupon Schedule for the rest of this year

November 23 SS ONLY
November 30 No Issue

December 7 BOTH
December 14 BOTH
December 21 No Issue
December 28 No Issue

Sadly, no issue means no coupons. For anyone that is newer to couponing, they don't usually send out coupons in the Sunday paper during Holiday weeks. Check this website during the week for previews of what coupons will be coming out each Sunday before we get them! (This next Sunday's aren't up just yet)

Courtesy of TaylorTownPreview


Marily said...

Thanks for the info-- I finally decided to get on board and ordered my newspapers just last week. Bad timing I guess! Glad to know ahead of time though instead of being disappointed and confused as the weeks went by. Thanks!

Whetten Family said...

Marily, did you go to Westwood? I swear I know you.

Did you order your papers through PYP so that you could get your discounted rate? :)

Marily said...

Yeah, I got your comment on my blog funny the connections! I am only getting 2 sunday papers and my mother-in-law gives me hers,and yes with the discount from PYP because I don't really want a weekday paper. Also, I've been wondering if during the holiday season I should try to use my coupons before they expire or if the stores will be back to their weekly sales soon. Any advice?