Monday, November 3, 2008

Beech-Nut Free / Cheap Baby Stuff

I'm not due for a couple of more months now, (my excuse for being MIA lately) but I can't help but walk down the baby isle just trying to find bargains for baby stuff anyways. I am glad that I did!

A hidden deal at Fry's that I found this week: (I say hidden because it sounds way cooler than unadvertised)

8oz Beech-Nut Rice Cereal for only $1.29 (other varieties also available up to $1.59)
Use:Beech-Nut Cereal Product, any $1/1 (1-31-09) SS-10/26
Final price: $0.29
(These boxes of cereal do not expire until 2010, so even if you are just barely pregnant, you will get plenty of use out of them!)

Beech-Nut Juice Blends $0.99
Use: Beech-Nut Juice Blend, any .75/1 (1-31-09) SS-10/26
Final price: FREE
(these do not have to be refrigerated, and are good for about 9 months)

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