Friday, October 24, 2008

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines are a really great and inexpensive gift to give people for the Holidays.

In this past Sunday's paper there was an insert in one of the coupon sets for a magazine subscription for Good Housekeeping and Redbook. The prices were:

$10.00 for 12 issues of Good Housekeeping (usually $2.50 per issue)
+$2.00 more for 12 issues of Redbook (usually $3.50 per issue)
So, $12.00 for 24 magazines!!!

I have a couple of extra offer pages if anyone wants them. The offer is good thru 1/31/09 is usually the cheapest place to order magazines, but for a website that does all of the comparison shopping for you use this one:

A few I found through this site:
Family Circle Magazine $11.97 for 15 issues (68% savings)
Woman's Day $9.99 for 17 issues (78% savings)
Sports Illustrated $20.00 for 28 issues (82% savings)

If anyone gets a magazine subscription from me this year,'ll know where I got it from!

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