Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free coupon class

My neighbor, Kolina is hosting a free coupon class for beginners. She is not affiliated with any specific coupon clubs, and isn't selling anything, rather is just more willing and able to help people learn how to save money and get great deals in these tough financial times. If you would like to attend and need to know where she lives or have questions, please email her @ She has been using coupons for a couple of years now, and actually helped get me into it. (it's like a ripple effect when you see how many people you can help!)

When: Saturday, November 8th
Time: 10:00 am
Where: Kolina's house in Queen Creek
What: Learn about how to:
  • Cut your grocery bill in at least half
  • Maximize the benefits of using coupons
  • Get stuff for FREE
  • Work on building your food storage/year supply
  • Utilize FREE resources
  • Organizing coupons

The workshop is FREE. It is geared towards beginners, but anyone is welcome to attend. The workshop will focus on FREE services and resources available to coupon users.

There will be door prizes, and FREEBIES if you bring a friend.

Again, please e-mail her at if you plan on attending and for directions to her home.

She has also been working on her own "Best Price List, Version 1" which features the items we frequently get on sale with coupons so you know what the best prices are. (Kind of like creating your own "never pay more than" list that I mentioned before. You can always see what she has and add your own frequently purchased items to it for personal use!

Kolina also has a bargain blog dedicated to finding deals and helping others get a year supply. To visit her blog, click here.


Connie said...

You gonna make it?

Admin said...

I'm gunna try. Donny has to work that night so I will have to see if my little sister or niece can babysit for an hour or so.