Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food Storage Downloads

My new hero really is this lady that runs the My Food Storage Deals blog and website. Anyone that makes it look easy is my hero.

Click HERE to see where she has a link on her website for free PDF files (That's right, you can save them, email them to friends, print them off etc!) of the following:

  • Food Storage Inventory-Keep a running total of all the most commonly used foods in your food storage and pantry. This sheet also helps you know which foods are part of which food storage categories, and how much you need of each item for a year supply.
  • Meal Planning Tips and a Cooking Calendar-Want to save money on your grocery bill each month? Start planning your meals. Here is a great form to use when planning your grocery list and some easy tips to save you money.
  • Food Storage outline-Where should you begin? What is the best way to get your families year supply of food? Here are some of the most common questions and answers on how to get started.
  • Food Storage Recipies-When obtaining a year supply of food it is important to have foods that will be able to make complete meals for your family. Here are a few meals and easy recipes that will help you know which “staple” items to add to your food storage.
  • One Year Supply Guide-Many people feel obtaining a year supply of food is too overwhelming. This One Year Supply Guide will help you know how much you need of each food storage item, tell you the shelf life of each item, and give you other good information to help you begin your food storage shopping.
  • 72-Hour Kits-How do you put a 72 hour kit together? What should be in your kit?
  • Water Storage Information-Find out the best and safest way to store water, filter water, etc.
  • 2 different personal spending plans-Here are two personal spending worksheets to help plan and budget your monthly expenses. These worksheets will help you track and figure out your monthly expenditures. Part of being self reliant is having your families finances in order, as well as having a year supply of food.

See why she is my hero? This is the best inventory worksheet I have seen yet.

And here is a downloadable spreadsheet for planning a 3 month supply courtesy of

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Marily said...

There is also a lady in AZ who does a similar service of finding the best grocery bargains for those of us who live here--and it's free.