Monday, July 14, 2008

Preparing Wisely- 20% off for BARGAIN MOMS!!!

I have posted before about the new Food Storage/ Emergency Preparedness store that has opened in Mesa that so many people have fallen in love with called Preparing Wisely. Well, now for the rest of July anyone who comes in and says they want the BARGAIN MOMS discount can get 20% off any backpack and 10% off any non food item in their store!
(Anyone need wrenches or pumps for their water barrels? They have them!)
(does not apply to Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems)

No limit on quantity, but limited to stock on hand and the discount will last until July 31. They have a wide variety of products so check them out!

They are located at 144 S. Mesa Dr, ste D, Mesa, AZ (480) 964-3077 (Near the Mesa Temple)

To visit their website:

Thanks, Tracey and Troy Adair (owners) for this great offer!

Anyone that goes, leave a comment and let us know what you think about the store!

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The Reese Family said...

What a fantastic opportunity for us Bargain Moms! I've been wanting to go to the store & check it out - now I have some incentive to do it soon! Thank you!!