Thursday, July 24, 2008

New CVS Coupon

Use this with all of those great CVS deals listed a few posts down!!!

$5.00 off of a purchase of $30.00


Whetten Family said...


Allison said...

Note that this is valid Saturday, July 26 ONLY

Lovin' CVS!

(By the way, Deanna--I am Stephanie Skinner's cousin. I just found out she knows you. Small world :o) )

Whetten Family said...

I know who you are! I used to hang out with Melanie and Michelle once in a while with Stephanie & Lindsay. I worked for Dan & Milo for 8 years before deciding to stay at home. You come from some good genes!

Utter Chaos said...

oh yeah! That place will be packed out of stock on Saturday! Thanks!

Alvarado Family said...

Go there early in the morning on Saturday before you get your Bountiful Baskets!!!