Friday, June 20, 2008

Save on Milk

Did you know you can freeze milk? I like to stock up on milk when it is 10/$10 for the half gallons. I buy enough to last for awhile so I don't have to buy it when it is $3/gallon. This has saved me a lot on milk. I put it in my deep freeze. We never run out of milk for our cereal! Some people like to empty a little milk out because it expands, but I never do and it is fine.

This week milk is 10/$10 for half gallons at Fry's and Albertson's. It is also quicker to defrost a 1/2 gallon than a whole.



Allison said...

How long does it last in the freezer? I have an upright frost-free so I wonder if I need to worry about freezer burn?

Living Providently said...

I would say about 3 months in a regular freezer, and 6 months in a deep freeze. I regularly rotate my frozen milk when there is a new sale. We drink so much milk around here though I think we just need a cow! :)

Allison said...

Have you ever tried freezing chocolate milk?