Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Ad Hilights 5-7 thru 5-13

::ALBERTSONS:: online ad HERE

Albertsons is having a HUGE 10/$10 sale. Some items included are:

They are doing their General Mills stock up again.10/$10 Only bad thing is that they don't double coupons, but you can use all of those internet coupons that we used on the Fry's promo two weeks ago. You will still pay around .50c for your boxes of cereals etc, but that is a good price. See http://bargainmoms.blogspot.com/2008/04/frys-deals-423-429.html for coupon info.

Pork country ribs are 10lb/$10

Chicken drums 10lb/$10

Bars S meats, Hormel,and Oscar Meyar 10/$10

General MIlls 10/$15

Breyers, Hagaan Daaz,Minute maid,Hunts manwhich,10/$10

Arm & Hammer or Arrid deoderant 10/$10

::Alby's 1/2 gal milk .99c

::Aquafresh toothbrushes/toothpaste 10/$10 We just got $1.00 off coupons for these last week! YAY! Double score- some of the toothbrushes that are 10/$10 are in packs of 2!!!!

::Malt-O-Meal Cereal select varieties 10/$10 these are the boxes, not the bags.


::Farmland Bacon - regular or thick 1lb = $1.99 (Free if you still have coupon R293 for $2.00 or coupon for $2.00 from the Smart Source section in THIS PAST SUNDAY's Paper!You can also register on their website and they will MAIL you about 10 coupons for $1.00 off any Farmland product.

::Basha's Milk - $1.99 a gallon (whole included) limit 2

::Basha's Eggs - $1.19 a dozen - limit 2

::Basha's B/S Chicken Breasts - $1.77 lb - first 4 packs

::Dole bagged salads (selected varities) 10/$10.00. Coupons from a few months ago would make these free if they are included.

::Tic Tacs are 2/$1.00 at Bashas. Use coupon for .55/2 from last week's paper and get them for FREE!

::FRY'S:: TRIPLE COUPON WEEK @ Pecos/ Higley store

(only up to $1.00, so if you have .30c off coupons, they would be .90c off)

::Fresh Whole Frying Chicken 57c lb.

::Lawry's Marinade 10/$10 FREE after coupon use .05c/1 coupon (not sure when it came)

::Post Cereal 4/$4 Coupons This includes Honey Bunches of Oats if you haven't gotten them yet. You will have a $1 overage with online coupons. For online coupons see Get 1 coupon per site: click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

::Fry's Milk $1.99 gal. - marked as $1.77 at Pecos & Higley location.

::Farmland Sausage links 120z or roll 160z. 10/$10 Free with coupon from this week's paper

::Lunchables JR. - FREE with coupons from www.smartsource.com or www.hotcouponworld.com print 2 from each. We also have .75c/2 coupons that came in last week's paper, which would make them only .50c a piece.

::Muir Glen tomato paste or sauce .09- 0.14 after coupon. Register at www.youandyourfamily.com and click on the coupons tab to the left. If you select the "snapshot" option it will let you select the coupon are and only print that specific area. Or go HERE to print off up to 10. (if you haven't already)

::Softsoap hand soap 10/$10 coupons for $0.35/1 will make them only $0.30c each Coupons are from two weeks ago. Sorry, I don't like using coupon #'s it just confuses me, so I use the binder method


The Reese Family said...

I'm considering using the binder method for some of my coupons - where do you buy the pages to hold your coupons?

Whetten Family said...

I get them at Target. You can get 30 for $4.99. I am sure they have them at Wal-Mart, too. At Target they are in the front of the store, on the North side right before the first register by the baseball cards and trading cards. It is disgusting that I know that.

The Reese Family said...

Hey, doesn't Fry's always double coupons up to a $1.00 anyways? Or do they just double them?

Alvarado Family said...

Fry's just doubles them (up to a dollar)... Deanna, do you still have the Malt-o-meal coupons for $1 off? Are they still printable?