Friday, May 2, 2008

Preparing Wisely-- New Store in Mesa

I got this info from Cresta's Blog:

There will be a new food storage/emergency preparedness store in Mesa next to Deseret Book on Mesa Drive. (By the Temple) called Preparing Wisely.

Grand Opening will be Memorial Day Weekend, but the store is already open from 12-5 Mon - Sat. Here is the website: .

They do some of the following:
  • Whole Grains in Bulk
  • 72 Hour Kits
  • First Aid Kits /Auto Emergency Kits
  • Different camping gear
  • Survival Items
  • Water Storage including Barrells, containers, pumps, mylar bags etc
  • Dehydrated, Freeze Dryed Food
  • Food Storage Solutions
  • Financial Preparedness information
  • Info on Food storage needs, debt etc.

144 S. Mesa Dr.Suite D Mesa, AZ 85210 ph: (480) 964-3077

I think I might have just found myself a new favorite store!!!