Friday, May 9, 2008

Gillette 2 in 1 Body Wash @ Walgreens

** UPDATE 5/13** I went to the Walgreens on Hunt Highway, by Sonic, to use my final coupon and they gave me a mail-in rebate form to send in with my receipt. Supposedly they've caught on to their grand idea (which was also advertised in the Sunday Walgreens ad, so I'm sure that brought in a lot of traffic). Glad I got them when I did! **

Today at my local Walgreens, I bought one of the new Gillette body wash ($3.72, reg. price $4.99) and it spit out a FREE coupon for another! So, I bought my next body wash using my FREE coupon and only paid the $0.23 cent sales tax....and then it spit out yet ANOTHER coupon!
(I went to the Wg at Hunt Highway & Bella Vista area - the body wash was located on a shelf in the make-up area across from the flip-flops, not near the other body washes).

After 6, the cashier guy wanted to check & make sure everything was OK with my numerous transactions and so he checked with his manager, and his manager basically asked me not to do any more and leave some for other people! The coupon doesn't state a limit, so give it a shot! But don't press your luck & get a bad rep at Walgreens :D

My grand total: $4.87 for 6. That's $0.81 cents each, yah baby! And I left with yet another FREE coupon. I'll try another Walgreens tomorrow. Muhahahaha


Whetten Family said...

Evil laughs make me smile.

Allison said...

I hear that this is no longer rolling. I haven't been there to try, though.