Thursday, May 1, 2008

$1/1 Mission Tortillas

When I printed out all of my tortilla chips coupons yesterday, I somehow missed the tortilla coupon. So be sure to get your coupons for your free Mission tortillas @ Frys!

Click HERE & then click on the "print a coupon" on the left side, in grey. Hopefully, you'll be able to print out at least 2 coupons.


Cindy said...

I just went to Fry's and bought three packages of tortillas and two big bags of chips for $1.76! Yeah!

Whetten Family said...


Whetten Family said...

So I just went on there and the first link let me print off 2 of each, and then I clicked on the other two seperate links and they both printed off two also so i got 4 of each.