Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday paper coupons

If you get the Sunday paper, there are a few coupons that we got in yesterday's paper that you can use right now at Fry's or CVS to get some good deals.

FRY'S-good thru Tuesday
::25c off Cottonelle. On sale for $0.99c. Use coupon-(doubles) get the 4 roll pack for $0.50! -these also have the box tops for education on them!

::.55c off 2 Tic-Tacs. On sale for 2/$1.00 Use coupon (doubles) get both for FREE

:: Nesquick chocolate milk powder is on sale at Fry's for $6.40 for the big 72 serving sized can. I paid $8 for one at Safeway the other day because Merrek was begging for it and we were all out. After coupon, you are paying $5.40 for it and that is a pretty good deal!

CVS- monthly deal good thru 4/30

:: Softsoap 12 0z. bottles are $4.99 (or around there) a bottle. Get $4.99 back in ECB's, so it is like getting it for FREE. Limit 5! Their 18 oz is also included, and those are $5.24 or something a bottle. (also limit 5 of this size) Those also are FREE after ECB's. Even better, we had coupons in yesterday's paper for them, so you can actually MAKE money doing this deal. There is also an online coupon for $1/1 here - only available if you haven't used it yet. So, needless to say, you can get 10 bottles of Softsoap shower gel for FREE, plus use your coupons and you will pay even less out of pocket. You can pay for the first bottle with your coupons, get your ECB's back and pay for the next one with your ECB's etc. Keep rollin'! The CVS on Power/Germann is GREAT. So is the Higley/Pecos. I would avoid the ocotillo/rittenhouse one for a few weeks while they get their act together. (Their DM is coming in to get them straightened out) They won't have anything you want anyhow.

Anyone else see anything good that we should use before Wednesday and the new ads come out? Juicy-Juice coupons mean that it will be going on sale soon! YAY!


The Reese Family said...

Dang, you're good! I was flipping thru yesterdays coupons and was thinking "hey, I can use this for this"...It's all starting to make sense now! QUESTION - I was thinking of going to CVS & buying the Softsoap Radiant Spa - after I buy the first and it gives me the EBC's, can I use the EBC's immidiately after for one more, if I do seperate transactions for all 5???

Whetten Family said...

yES, YOU MAY! I am taking a friend with me tonight if you want to go later. You can meet us there or whatever and I can help ya out.

Whetten Family said...

Connie, also print off some of the $3 off $15 coupons from the previous post. If you are going to meet us there, i printed a few extra so I can give you one.

Whetten Family said...

Connie, i made you an admin on the blog so if you ever see stuff that I have missed or something needs corrected, just edit my posts.



The Reese Family said...

What time are you guys going to CVS tonite? I'd love to meet you guys there!! & which one??

The Reese Family said...

QUESTION: OK, since I got the Softsoap and Aqua Fresh at CVS last night, does that mean I can't go back & get anymore?