Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updated! 4/30 thru 5/6 Grocery Deals

Today is new grocery ad day! This week is Cinco De Mayo, so a lot of soda, BBQ and Mexican food will be on sale! I don't know about everyone else, but to me Wednesday mornings are like Christmas. Maybe I need help....

Here's what I see so far, I will update and any of you BargainMom contributors can edit this post to add your own info as well.

::Mission Soft Taco Size tortillas are 10/$10. If you have a coupon from a while back they are only .50 a package. Also available online coupon. Click HERE (print 2)

::Mission Brown Bag tortilla chips are also 10/$10. There was a coupon about 2 weeks ago for .75 off one. This makes them only .25/bag. Awesome deal! We will be eating lots of tortilla chips at my house. Can we say taco salad? Click HERE

::Land O Frost 12oz Shaved lunch meat 2/$4 Use $1/2 and get them for $1.50 ea. If anyone wants them, I have a few extras of these. You can get these at Walmart for the same price.

::Banquet Frozen Dinners 10/$10


::Red Ripe Seedless Watermelon 19c lb

::Pampers on sale 9.49, but at you can load $1.50 off coupon on your card to bring it to 7.99 at checkout. Clip N632 for 56 diapers at 5.99 or 10.5 cents each.
You can only do this once.......if you load the frys coupon its limit 1 per Fry's card.

::Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.77 each. (Anyone know if we have coupons for these?)

::Shamrock Farms Dairy Sale 40% off Get COUPONS here!

::Coke 2 liter bottles $0.67. Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper...good stuff!

::Pork Butt Roast 97c lb

::Mission Tortilla Chips $1.88 We have coupons for these from a week or two ago. Also Click HERE

::Rosarita Refried Beans .77c

::Daisy Sour Cream 10/$10 Use coupon from a few weeks ago to get it for FREE

::Mission Tortillas/ Old El Paso Taco shells 10/$10 There are coupons for the Mission tortillas from Jan 6th but they expire today so hurry! Makes them .50 each.! Also a printable at (it let me print them 4 times, so try for more than one set!) Thanks, Allison!

::Ortega Brand Sale 33% off, and we got a coupon for .75c off 2 items last week in the Smartsource insert. (will double to $1.00) Let us know what you got for a good price! Some of these items will only be .75C, so you might be able to get stuff for FREE. I'll have to check it ot today!

::Arrid Deoderant 10/$10 Do we have coupons for these that would make them free?

::Johnson's Baby Lotion etc. 2/$6.00 Use $1.00 off coupon from Sunday's Red Plum. Or if you get the Johnson's Buddy Bar Soaps, they are only .99c so you get those for FREE. There are also links to coupons (if you haven't already printed them) HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE (2 per site, just click the back button a couple of times)

::Colgate Toothpaste 2/$4, Online coupons are HERE and HERE or use coupons from Last Sundays Smart Source to get them for $1.00. It's not free, but if you need it, it isn't a bad price. Just curious, but who out there needs toothpaste for their year supply? First 3 people to leave a comment get a free tube of toothpaste from Bargain Moms. (You can be a BargainMom to comment) Remember, CVS May deal, you pay 3.99 and get 3.99 back on certain toothpastes and we also got $1.00 off coupons for that this past week in the Fry's Pharmacy ad that we can use at CVS. (manuf. coupon, not a Fry's coupon) So you will actually MAKE $1 getting the toothpaste. --you really never should have to pay for toothpaste.


::Rancher's Reserve Boneless Round Steak 99c lb.

::Honey Bunches of Oats FREE plus overage Coupons are HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. (if you already printed them, you won't be able to do it again yet)

Let us know if you see anything advertised or unadvertised that is a good deal!
Also, check out Allison's BLog HERE for more sweet deals!


Allison said...

There are coupons for the Mission tortillas from Jan 6th but they expire today so hurry! Makes them .50 each at Fry's!

Also a printable at (can only print once)

The Reese Family said...

That website let me print them 4 times! woot-woot!!

Whetten Family said...

Yeah! That is what I call good coupon karma!

Allison said...

Hmm...only let me print once :( (Off to call hubby at work to get him to print them there!)

Allison said...

Where is the 1.50 Pampers coupon on There is a $2 Pull-ups coupon on that you can link to your VIP card but I don't know where to find the coupons on Fry's food. Thanks!