Friday, April 4, 2008

Albertsons deals 4/2 thru 4/8

Albertson's does NOT Double Coupons.

::General Mills Cereal Sale 4/$4 after online coupons
Print 2 Cheerios coupons for .55c off
Print 2 Kix coupons for .55c off
Buy 2 of each and spend only $1 a box. Not the BEST deal for cereal when you can get it for .50c or free, but if you need cereal now this is an okay deal.
Print up to 10 Cheerios coupons for .50c off
I would save some of these coupons for better promos with stores that do double coupons, but if you NEED the cereal then go ahead and use them. If you have recently printed these coupons already, they haven't reset their web site yet so you cannot print more yet.

::Ball Park Franks only $1.50 each after online coupons or
Print 2 Ball Park Franks coupons for $1.00 off.
Buy two packages at 2/$5 and with the $2 off it is only $1.50 a package. They also have their Bar-S Hot Dogs on sale for $1 a package. You can freeze hot dogs!!!

::Milk is only 1.99/Gal


Mikelle said...

For the Land O lakes butter, AZ is not listed as being a valid state.

Whetten Family said...

Thanks Mikelle. I never noticed that. I don't think they pay attention because I used mine with no problem, but other people might have an issue with it!


Mikelle said...

Well, I might try it then! Won't hurt to try!

The Reese Family said...

Here's a link to some other great coupons. :)