Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Produce Co-Op

Can you believe that it is possible to get $50.00 worth of produce for $15.00? Well, my friends....you can! It is twice a month (every other Saturday) at different locations here in the valley. Go to http://www.bountifulbaskets.org/ to find your location. (You will first have to select East Valley or West Valley. From there they will have a list of different pick up locations for your areas.

Every week they offer a produce basket, which is 50% fruits, 50% vegetables for $15, with an estimated value of $50. This week they are also offering artisan bread, sandwich bread, See's Easter Candy and Specialty Cheeses for GREAT prices. You don't get to choose what specific produce is in your basket, but it is quality stuff straight off of the same trucks that deliver their produce to many local restaurants and grocery stores. There is always a variety of high-quality seasonal produce. If you ever get a lot of one item you can always can or freeze it!

Last week they were offering a whole load of different herbs, spices and lbs of powdered cheese for amazing co-op prices. At different times of the year they also offer cases of peaches, apples etc (perfect for canning) as well as gallons of different kinds of cooking oils etc.

The deadline for THIS WEEK's order is Wednesday night at 10:00 pm, so go on their site and order now! (If you are ever unavailabe to pick up your basket, you can always have a friend or neighbor get yours while they are getting theirs!) I have never met anyone who wasn't happy with the co-op!

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